The SRPMIC Injury Prevention Program was established to provide data-driven and evidence-based interventions within the Community that target intentional and unintentional injury concern areas. Our goal is to raise the health status and decrease injuries for the Community through evidence-based intervention programming, data-driven evaluation, transparent communication with Community members, collaboration with SRPMIC programs, and promoting spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy lifestyles.

Injury Prevention Services

Transportation Safety

This program is open to all Community members, Tribal partners, and SRPMIC department advocates. We offer a variety of child car seats and helmets to protect those in need. Appointments for education, instruction, and distribution are provided through the Injury Prevention Program. We often partner with other Programs and Departments to put on special events such as the Bicycle Rodeos and car seat check events so please keep an eye out for our announcements of upcoming events you might be interested in.

Fall Prevention

Open to senior/elder people ages 55 years and older or clients/employees who have fall risk factors identified, the Tai Chi for Fall Prevention class and Yoga for Fall Prevention class are both 10-week chair-based classes that meets 2x/week. Each class will have functional testing before the start and after the completion of the course. These are beginner’s classes, modified for individual client needs. Yoga and Tai Chi have the ability to address fall risk concerns and help you:

  • Remain independent
  • Maintain a healthy balance
  • Increase strength/flexibility
  • Increase confidence
  • Decrease the risk of falls

Additional Services:

  • Home Assessments
  • Fall Risk Testing

Opioid Drug Abuse Prevention

The program’s purpose is to safeguard opioid prescription medications in the home environment using our Lock Box Distribution Program. Details will be announced in the spring of 2022.

Additional Services:

  • Drug Disposal Bags
  • Narcotic Safety Training
  • Naloxone Training